Found Object Printing: Pattern and Texture Exploration

Lesson Plan:

Students will discover that everyday objects can be used to create art.  Students will explore this by dipping or rolling found objects in paint and using them to make marks, creating unique patterns and textures.  After being introduced to the lesson and viewing examples, students will be encouraged to think of new ways to use these various objects in their art making process.  Students will also be able to create their own paper which they will later use as a cover for a books comprised of their artworks created throughout the class.

Key Concepts: Texture, Pattern, Unique use of materials

Essential Understandings:

1.) Artists transform everyday materials to make art.

2.) Pattern and texture can be formed many different ways.


New Ways to Look at Materials : Students will explore how common objects can be used to create texture and pattern.These explorations will teach them how all objects can be used in the art making process.   (Colorado Visual Arts Standard Fourth Grade 3.2 Invent and Discover to Create) 

Explore Materials for Planning: Students will learn different ways of printmaking, and paper making to plan for a final project. These processes will help students through the process of creating a book comprised of their explorations. ( Colorado Visual Arts Standard Sixth Grade 3.1 Invent and Discover to Create) 

Skills: Observation, Exploration, Composition, Planning.


There was one paper making station and four texture and pattern stations.  Each station had a box filled with various materials such as string, buttons, beads, spools, sponges, pine cones, etc.  Students began playing with these different materials and were encouraged to discover the unique patterns and textures they could create.  Some students focused on creating texture through painting with the objects and others focused on dipping and stamping.  Once they felt satisfied with their work they went over to the paper station and learned how to create a piece of their own paper.  By the end of class every student had made a piece of paper and had explored the various ways in which objects can create texture and pattern.  After everyone helped clean up we came back together as a group and shared our discoveries.

Christopher made multiple exploration pages using sponges and color.  He found that patterns can be made by repeating shapes or colors.
Jared pressing down on his paper to remove excess water.
Some of the completed paper from the paper making station. Ashlee really enjoyed this station and was continuously helping other students with their paper.
Heidi said, “let’s see what happens when I do this!” while exploring that pattern can be made with pinecones. After a few printings she realized that they looked like flowers.
Heidi presenting one of her explorations. She used a pinecone to print multiple patterns along with adding different shades of purple. She decided they looked like flowers and used pine needles to create stems for her final piece.
Judy made two cards for her mom and grandmother. Both times she worked with green. Besides just printing objects she also added brush strokes and glued some of the found objects. On the left card she used one of the object containers to print, it can be seen as the large rectangle. 
Some of the finished exploration cards. The center three are Christopher’s were he continuously explore sponge printing along with how color and the amount of paint can change the print. 



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